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Travel Packing Cubes 5 pcs Luggage Organizer Set for Bag &Suitcase, Teal

Travel Packing Cubes 5 pcs Luggage Organizer Set for Bag &Suitcase, Teal


100% Polyester


Large 12.75"x17.5"x4"

Medium 9.75"x13.75"x4"

Small 6.75"x11"x4"

Laundry Bag 20"x14"



    🚀 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - Made with 100% premium-quality polyester with honeycomb pattern, strong handles professionally sewn into the side panels for ease of carrying, and double stitched seams, ensuring a long life!

    💥 FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Breathable mesh gives good visibility of packed items & keeps clothes smelling fresh while providing lock up with high quality zippers that will not break on you.

    ✈ PUT CHAOS BEHIND YOU - Keep your belongings separated in luggage space and find your things in a flash. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing leaving you with less wrinkled clothing and more time to relax while traveling!

    📏 MULTIPLE SIZES - 2 Large, 1 Medium & 1 Small pods allow you to organize smartly and separate your trousers, shirts, accessories, inner-wear. Laundry bag keeps clean clothes apart from dirty ones!

    💯 SMART BUY - Great travel accessories for whole family! These packing cubes are perfect for holiday trip!

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