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  • Are these considered compression cubes?
    These are regular packing cubes.
  • What are the dimensions of the packing cubes?
    Large 12.75"x17.5"x4" Medium 9.75"x13.75"x4" Small 6.75"x11"x4" Laundry bag 20"x14"
  • How much do these weigh in total?
    The total weight of Set of 5 is less than 1 pound, just 15.2 ounces. The Set of 6 weighs 1.2 pounds. It doesn't add any extra weight to your baggage.
  • Do the items have a water resistant (DWR) coating on them?
    The material has a polyurethane coating on the inner surface. Thus, the material is waterproof, but the cubes have a mesh on top, so in general, the cubes are not waterproof.
  • Are they machine washable?
    To be honest, the textile producer advises against machine washing. Despite this, we've successfully machine washed a complete set in both cold and warm water three times with no issues. Additionally, please refrain from using a dryer on these items!
  • How durable are the zippers? On other packing cubes they break all the time.
    Every packing cube has a thoughtfully placed solid zipper. It is convenient to unzip them down from the handle.
  • Will the stitching tear off after first use?
    Despite the ultra-lightweight of the material, the strong double stitching will take your worry away!
  • How to store them so it takes the least space in my wardrobe?
    You can fold them conveniently and put all packing cubes including the laundry bag into the Small-size cube which can easily be tucked away in the corner of your wardrobe.
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